A "zen-sational" piano concert

ZENsacional, brainchild of composer/pianist Hermane, is a unique concert that begins very "zen" with a spectacular acoustic grand piano playing exotic harmonies mixed with a trance of rhythmic cadences. The intensity then increases gruadually while we introduce more instruments such as handpan, saxophone, percussion, bass and singers, culminating in a "sensational" musical show mixing a gospel choir with latin, flamenco, soul and pop,  ending in a bombastic grand finale!

Some of our concerts are held in normal theaters,  others outdoors in emblematic places such parks or gardens.

Next concert: March 4th 2023, Teatro Las Lagunas, Mijas 

"It was a very intense experience! I put my worries aside and let my thoughts run about what really matters to me in life. I cried ... but with joy!"

Aranceli Romero

Some reactions from the audience:

"The piano linked all the songs together without stopping ... that created an incredible flow!"

"I lay down and let go of my thoughts ... it was amazing!"

"I got quite emotional ... I have never had a such an experience before!"